Supervised Playgroup


The Salty Dog Playgroup is a safe, supervised group of social dogs, enjoying being dogs. Our indoor play area has rubber flooring for traction and shock absorption; the door's always open to the large outdoor yard. When needed, we can separate the group into Large&Active and Small&Senior Playgroups.



-Dog must be at least 6mos old

-Spayed or Neutered (some wiggle room with dogs under 18months old, please call)

-Current on Flea Preventative

-No history of major aggression

-Reservation. Our Daycare often fills to capacity, it is recommended you call at least one day in advance to reserve a spot.

-Current on Bordatella, Rabies, Canine Flu and Distemper/Parvo*

 *Little know facts about our vaccine REQUIREMENTS: 

-Vaccines are required.

-The bordatella vaccine is not as common as you may think... you may THINK your dog has all his/her shots, please, double check this vaccine. If the dog has never had the Bordatella vaccine, they will require two shots given several weeks apart before being considered Current/Up-to-date.

-The CanineFlu vaccine is a newer development in our protocol. Trust us, we wish you didn't need it either... But, for the health and safety of ALL of our guests, we followed the recommendation of the Oregon Veterinary Board, and began requiring this vaccine. If your dog has never received this vaccine, like Bordatella, this will be a two-part series given 3 weeks apart. Please plan ahead- we hate turning dogs away because of vaccines.

-We do not accept self-administered vaccines. All vaccine records must be confirmed at a veterinary clinic/organization.



Half Day (15 mins-5 hours): $15
Full Day (5-11 hours): $25


Half Day (15 mins-5 hours): $20
Full Day (5-11 hours): $35