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Salty Dog Salon

Salty Dog Salon & Grooming

Imagine this: you have hair ALL over your body. You haven't taken a shower in 6 weeks. You need a professional's help to feel clean and healthy. You're in a foreign country, and don't speak the language. You find a salon near your hotel, and have a translator arrange a 10:30 appointment. When you arrive, every stylist's chair is full, and there are 4 people in the waiting room - some with more hair than you! So you wait, as music blares, blow dryers holler, and stylists chatter. When it's your turn, you feel nervous, because you're not sure if your needs are going to be met; and you can tell that the stylist is just feeling rushed... you're tugged on. and restrained. And if you try to argue. you're either restrained more stiffly, or told to wait in the waiting room until you calm yourself. Then the nail girl files your nails too short, you're bleeding. Would you want that experience a second time? Neither does your dog.

The Salty Dog's grooming philosophy is this: your dog should enjoy grooming day, the same way that you enjoy a spa day. Unfortunately, I've seen way too many dogs that have been traumatized by the grooming experience. When we set out to offer grooming to our clients, my fiercest bottom line was this: no dog will have the assembly line treatment here. This does mean that the grooming process may take a little longer than you're used to, but please trust us, it's worth it. We have several ways that we try to make this a positive experience. We love to be able to mix our services - a dog that's been running around with friends in the Daycare for a few hours before their grooming appointment, is much calmer in the tub and on the table. And if they get to go back into daycare afterwards, even better - now they're finishing their day on a fun, playful note. A dog that's boarding, can, if needed, have his or her grooming appointment spread out over several days - all in order to reduce stress. We will only hire groomers who are willing to work within the quality over quantity guidelines. And, in case you haven't noticed, quality in this case, means a healthy, happy dog.

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Grooming Services
Grooming services are available by Payton Faltesek.

Prices vary based on behavior, size of dog, and condition of coat.
Call now (541-996-7434) to schedule your dogs spa day.

Self-Serve Dog Wash
Available Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm, and 10am-2pm Sundays and Mondays.
"we have everything but the dog, and the hands to wash it."


Self-Serve Dog wash (all dogs)




Using the Salty Dog Salon   Washing dog at home

- Solid stairs, which lead to a raised, stainless steel tub makes the process easier on you and your pooch


Do you have a tub? Yes - Convince your 100lb retriever to get in the tub. Oh,he doesn’t want to get in? Try to wrestle him in. Throw out your back, miss a week of work. Can’t pay rent. Lose your home.

- Warm water, but not too warm


No(no tub…) ok, hose in the backyard will have to do. But the water’s cold,and we are on the Oregon Coast, it’s not like it’s hot here… You’re drenched when your fuzzy lab shakes off all over you - at least 6 times throughout the process. You get sick, cause really? You were washing the dog outside in November… you miss a week of work. You get fired.

- Courteous staff will help you choose the right brushes and shampoo for your pup


- Mitzy ran through some stickers, and now her fur is horribly tangled! It’s ok, I’ll pop her in the sink and wash her off. Ooops, the tangles are tighter now that she’s dry… and there’s still a thorn in this matt!! It’s digging into her, but I can’t loosen her fur enough to get it out! Mitzy gets an open wound and an infection that requires veterinary care.

- As many towels as you need


- Ok, so Fido’s been bathed, but you forgot to grab towels before you started. You plead with your 150lb St.Bernard to stay put. Fido follows you to the laundry room, stopping to jump and shake-off on your partner’s antique leather couch. Your partner gives you the cold-shoulder for a month.

- High-pressure blow-dryers make drying and hair removal fun & easy. Make the mess here, we’ll clean it up.


- Bella the Husky is blowing her coat. There’s hair ALL over everything!! No matter how much you brush her, the house just gets fuzzier. You have extreme OCD when it comes to animal hair. You end up having to hire a housekeeper just to control the spread of the hair.

Optional Grooming Services
Can be purchased at any time, during operating hours.

Ear Cleaning


Nail Trim


Nail & Paw Trim


Anal Glands