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daycareDoggy Daycare is so much more than just a place to drop off your dog. It’s a place where dogs outnumber the people.  It’s a place where a dog can play for hours on end without ever being told to settle down or be quiet. It’s a place where your dog will make his or her new best-doggy-friend.

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Daycare Requirements & Quick Stats
All Daycare dogs must be at least 6 months old
All Daycare dogs must be current on, and have proof, Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, AND Bordatella (NOTE: The Bordatella vaccine must be given at least 5 days before the dog is brought into SDHL)
All Daycare Dogs must be sociable, with no history of aggression
All Daycare dogs must be spayed or neutered
All Dogs must have a completed SDHL New Client Contract
Dogs have access inside & out during daycare hours (7 Days/week, 365 Days/year)
• A $15.00 fee will be charged for drop-offs or pick-ups before 8AM or after 6PM. We will NOT accept dogs in or out earlier than 7AM or later than 7PM


Daycare Rates
Full/Half Daycare Rates
# Dogs Full/Half Total
1 Dog Full Day
Half Day
2 Dogs Full Day
Half Day
3 Dogs Full Day
Half Day
4 Dogs Full Day
Half Day

Daycare Packages
Packages never expire and can be used as full or half days.

Packages may only be purchased for dogs that are already approved for Daycare.

Daycare Packages - 1 Dog
# Days Total
5 $115.00
10 $220.00
15 $315.00
20 $400.00
Daycare Packages - 2 Dogs
# Days Total
5 $165.00
10 $320.00
15 $465.00
20 $600.00

Please allow 10 to 15 minutes on your initial visit to fill out required paperwork.
If you would like to save time by filling out the New Client Contract before you come by to drop off your four-legged friend, you can download, edit and then print the application below.
The available formats are in PDF and Windows DOC formats.
Click here for more information about PDF and DOC file formats and links to programs to edit and print them.






Doggy Daycare FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Doggy Daycare Group?

Imagine a dog park, but with safety and consistency. We limit our playgroup to 15 dogs; which means that there can be up to 15 dogs spending time together off-leash. The Daycare Playgroup has access to 1,000 square feet of indoor space & 1,750 square feet of outdoor space. We have designed the indoor play area to have all sorts of options for all sorts of dogs: playgound equipment (designed specifically for dogs), queen size beds for the dogs to sleep or wrestle on, big, cushy chairs for relaxing on & launching off of, and a crate or 2 for the dogs that like a den. Not all dogs will enjoy the Daycare Playgroup, but most do. The dogs that seem to do best are the dogs that want and love to play with other dogs. The playgroup is not a place to “socialize your aggressive dog”. We will only accept dogs into the playgroup that have no history of any major aggression. The best analogy that I’ve found to date, is that of kids on a playground. Some kids will prefer to be by themselves, others will want to play hard and run around like crazy. Also, like a playground, accidents can happen: the most common thing we see is soreness, stiffness & mild limping due to the heightened activity level, there are also the rare squabbles that can result in minor cuts & scratches (again, just like a playground).

What is the screening process like for new dogs entering the playgroup?

We run the new dog through a bit of an “interview”. This can take anywhere from 20 mins to an hour and a half. No, you cannot watch the interview process (if mom & dad are hanging at the fence, we won’t get an honest assessment of what your dog will be like when you’re gone…). We always start the interview with some one-on-one time with your dog; finding out how he/she will respond and react to us, and our requests. Next, we start doggy introductions; beginning with the most well known and predictable dog that we have in the group that day. We primarily watch for signs of fear and aggression. We want to make sure the new dog “knows how to speak dog language”; and won’t get offended when there are noses sniffing “personal areas”, for example. If all goes well, by the end of the interview, your dog will be part of the pack. If there are any behaviors that show us that the new dog is not comfortable in the group, he/she will be placed in a kennel during his/her time at Salty Dog.

Does SDHL separate small & large dogs into different playgroups?

No, with more space and access inside & out, we might be able to consider creating different playgroups for different personalities and sizes of dogs; but with the current layout, we’ve found that it creates a grass-is-greener mentality among the groups- within minutes, the big dogs want to be in where the small dogs are, and the little guys want to be out with the group.

We monitor our playgroup very closely. We know our core Daycare Playgroup very well. We are not going to have dogs in the group that are a threat to other dogs, large or small. We have also designed the interior Daycare space in such a way that most doggy personalities can find an activity, or space, which makes them happy & comfortable.

Does SDHL allow pit bulls in its playgroup?

Yes, we don’t discriminate based on breed. All dogs are judged based solely on their individual personality; that being said, there are some common traits among breeds that can’t be ignored. Pit Bulls are NOT one of the breeds that we see common problems with… Most Pits, LOVE to play, and do very well in a daycare setting. And again, SDHL screens all Daycare applicants very carefully; there will not be any dog, of any breed, that will be a threat to other dogs in our group.

I need to leave my dog at SDHL for a few hours, but my dog is not Daycare friendly, or I’m not comfortable with my dog being in a daycare setting; what will my dog’s time there be like?

Our large kennels have 16 square feet (4’x4’) of space inside, as well as a 31 square foot (3.5’x9’) outdoor run that your dog is welcome to stay in. We will take your doggy out for potty & playbreaks in the back yard during his/her stay. We can also provide Kongs & Peanut Butter if there are no conflicting food allergies. Your dog will have water available at all times. We can provide bedding & toys, or you can provide as desired.