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boardingThe Salty Dog perspective is this: dogs need vacations too! We want to be your dogs’ favorite vacation destination!

Your dogs’ happiness and well-being are our #1 concern; we want all of our 4-legged guests to get the most out of their stay with us.

For this reason, we will not be charging for our Vacationers to join the Salty Dog Playgroup during the day; any Vacationer who is capable of being in the Playgroup (usual screening rules apply) will join the fun!



Boarding Requirements & Quick Stats
All boarders must be at least 6 months old
All boarders must be current on, and have proof, Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, AND Bordatella (NOTE: The Bordatella vaccine must be given at least 5 days before the dog is brought into SDHL)
All Dogs must have a completed SDHL New Client Contract
Drop-off anytime between 8am & 6pm
Salty Dog Hound Lounge requests that you pick-up your pooch by 1PM on your day of checkout; any dogs checking out later than 1PM will be charged a $10.00 fee per owner (not per dog)
A $15.00 fee will be charged for drop-offs or pick-ups before 8AM or after 6PM. We will NOT accept dogs in or out earlier than 7AM or later than 7PM. (NOTE: Drop offs and pickups on Sundays are restricted to 10am to 3pm - No exceptions)





Boarding Rates
10% discount for active students/teachers, Active/Retired Military Personnel, and seniors (65+) with valid photo ID.

If you are looking to board more than 4 dogs, please contact Liza directly at liza@visitsaltydog.com or click here.


Overnight Boarding
1 Dog  $35.00/nt
2 Dogs*  $40.00/nt
3 Dogs*  $50.00/nt
4 Dogs*  $60.00/nt
*In the same kennel; from the same OWNER (not family).
Dogs must live together outside of SDHL.

If a second kennel is needed by the same owner
the second kennel will be %25 off normal charge.

Boarding Packages

Packages must be purchased in advance; and never expire. No refunds or discounts for packages. Unused nights may be transferred to another pet, or donated to a client of the staff's choosing.

If you have additional questions about packages, do not hesitate to contact us.

Packages for 1 Dog
Nights Per Night Pkg. Total
10 $33.00/nt $330.00
20 $30.00/nt $600.00
30 $28.00/nt $850.00
45 $26.00/nt  $1170.00
Packages for 2 Dogs
Nights Per Night Pkg. Total
10 $38.00/nt $380.00
20 $36.00/nt $720.00
30 $34.00/nt  $1020.00
45 $32.00/nt  $1440.00
60 $30.00/nt  $1800.00
Packages for 3 Dogs
Nights Per Night Pkg. Total
10 $48.00/nt $480.00
20 $46.00/nt $920.00
30 $44.00/nt  $1320.00
45 $42.00/nt  $1890.00
Packages for 4 Dogs
Nights Per Night Pkg. Total
10 $58.00/nt $580.00
20 $56.00/nt  $1120.00
30 $54.00/nt  $1620.00
45 $50.00/nt  $2250.00

There will be no additional charge for: daycare friendly dogs to join the playgroup; House Food; bedding; administering medications; treats; love; or cuddles.

Please allow 10 to 15 minutes on your initial visit to fill out required paperwork.
If you would like to save time by filling out the New Client Contract before you come by to drop off your four-legged friend, you can download, edit and then print the application below.
The available formats are in PDF and Windows DOC formats.
Click here for more information about PDF and DOC file formats and links to programs to edit and print them.





Boarding FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does the Nightly Rate include?

Short answer, everything that we can do, or provide, to make your dog happy and comfortable. The details: SDHL can provide everything that your dog will need to stay with us; we have several of the different Crypton® dog bed designs (Saucer and Bed of Roses product pages) as well as the large Outdoor Snoozer beds (Outdoor Snoozer product page). PLEASE notify us if your dog is a bed chewer!! Destroyed beds make us SAD…Cry

We also have raised cots, lots of soft blankets and bath mats to make our 4-legged guests comfy. All boarders have water available at all times. Stainless steel water and food bowls; as well as no-spill dishes, for the pups that like to play with their food. We feed our guests twice a day, at 7-7:30AM and again between 5:30-6PM (but we will cater to almost any provided diet &/or feeding schedule). Our House Food is Canidae All Life Stages dry kibble (All Life Stages product page).

All Boarders that meet the Daycare Requirements (please visit Daycare page) are welcome to join the SDHL Daycare Playgroup free of charge. Boarders that are able to join the Playgroup, are monitored very closely for signs of being “fed-up” with the group; they’re usually pretty darn good about asking to be let back into their kennel, and we’re pretty darn good at accommodating Dogs that need a break from the Playgroup, are given Kongs stuffed with peanut butter (as long as there are no conflicting allergies). SDHL also has safe, tasty, long-lasting treats available for purchase.

Can I bring my pet's own food/bed/toys/treats?

You are welcome to bring any of your pet’s belongings that you would like, with the exception of food bowls. We appreciate food being portioned by meal. Yes, we can store refrigerated food & medications. Any bedding and toys that are brought along will be in the kennel only and not available to the dog when he/she is out with the Playgroup.


The dogs are in their kennels from approximately 7:30PM until 7AM, we provide as safe of a place as we can for them during that time, but, dogs are dogs, and destruction does happen; for this reason, we cannot guarantee that toys & bedding will be in the same condition as they were upon arrival.

I'm going to be staying in the area while my pet is boarding with you; is it okay to pick the dog up to take him/her out for the day?

OF COURSE! Would you go to Disney and leave the kids with a babysitter? The beach is dog heaven! We encourage you to enjoy it with your best friend. You are welcome to take your dog out anytime after 8AM, we like having all the dogs in by 5PM for dinnertime. Please let us know if your pooch is playing in the ocean, it will give us the reason for the diarrhea we see later in the day or the next morning.

My dog has special needs (medications, special diet, extreme size, elderly & arthritic, etc). Is SDHL able to accommodate my Special Needs Pup?

SDHL staff are notified of all special needs animals on site. The dog will have close supervision during his or her stay. We are able to give any types of medication that you bring for your dog (including, but not limited to pills, injections, topical and dietary medications). PLEASE CLEARLY LABEL ALL MEDICATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS. Elderly dogs are closely supervised for getting “worn out” during their stay- we try to encourage the seniors to hang out on one of the soft beds in the Daycare room, and try to limit their activity level so that they don’t over-exert themselves. SDHL can accommodate almost any sized dog; we’ve had happy guests ranging from 4lbs to 170lbs.


Please contact Liza directly at 541.921.5905 to discuss how SDHL can care for your special needs pooch.